If you’ve been researching destination weddings and how to plan them, then you’ve probably come across some people talking about their room block at the resort. But you may still be wondering, Why do I need to block off rooms at the resort for my destination wedding?

After all, the resort is huge! There’s definitely enough space for my guest list! … and I’m very sorry to say that unfortunately, while logical, that is NOT the move you want to make.

But let me back up and explain, what is a destination wedding room block contract?  

Essentially, a room block contract is one where we (me, your travel agent, and you two, the wedding couple, or in resort terms, the “Group Leaders”) save a certain number of resort rooms for YOUR USE! Gone are the days of hoping that everyone made it into the resort before they sell out! .. But it does more than just that.

Family celebrating destination wedding in mexico, booked in a destination wedding room block!

What does a destination wedding resort room block do for you?

First, a destination wedding room block guarantees inventory.

You and I will work together to choose the best number of rooms to book, as well as the different room categories you wish to snag so that your guests will be able to have the type of room they want.  This means that those rooms are YOURS, from the time we sign the contract, through the attrition deadline when we must either use or give back all the rooms. As long as we work together in the beginning, your guests will have no problem getting a room at your resort, nor wishing for a different category they could’ve had.

Second, it locks in room rates.

The prices you see in your room block contract will be the prices you and your guests pay for those rooms. The rates won’t change on you (as long as we stick to the contract), so there’s no possibility that Aunt Susie will have to pay more this week than Aunt Lisa paid last week for the same room. Rates lock in, and that makes a WORLD of difference to your guests, trust me.

Next, a room block contract provides deadlines and contract terms. 

You know how back in the day when you had an English paper to write? You asked ‘how long should it be?’ and your teacher said “….. long enough.” .. and that totally sucked, because you didn’t have rules and parameters to work with?

Yeah, a room block contract doesn’t have that issue. It is FILLED with contractual terms and deadlines. Most deadlines deal with payments and drop dates (attrition dates). But one super important rule it will also highlight is the magical, minimum number of rooms that must be booked in order to uphold your end of the contract. For most resorts, that is 10 rooms, but some resorts vary, so just be on the lookout for this when you receive your contract!

Finally, a room block contract outlines the group leaders’ (aka, the wedding couple, aka YOUR) perks that you will receive as a result of your rooms or room nights booked.

Some resorts offer things like a “room upgrade, 1 for every 9 nights” or something along those lines. What they actually do is cut you a check for the VALUE of that ‘free room’ – but your guests still pay for it.  

If this sounds confusing… well, it is. These contracts are not always easy to understand, but I’ve got your back! This is exactly why you hire a destination wedding expert to plan this kind of big, group trip for you and your guests.  In fact, I typically have a Zoom meeting with my couples to go over the room block contract and make sure that we all feel comfortable signing it; because we’ve done our research, understand what’s going on, and are on-board with the contractual terms. That’s just one of the included perks of working with me to plan your destination wedding!

Who is a room block for?

I’ve actually written an entire other post about this, so feel free to go here* to see who a room block is for, who it’s not for, and to let you decide whether or not you wish to book  your destination wedding with a group room block. (Also, I’ve included the cool stuff I personally do for my couples)

Spoiler alert:

There are SO MANY benefits to utilizing a room block contract; mainly for you two; as a couple. I STRONGLY recommend it. 

I hope this was helpful, and allowed you to learn about destination wedding room block contracts. If and when you’re ready to dive in on YOUR wedding and room block contract, just let me know. I’ll be here!

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