All-inclusive resort destination weddings

Made oh-so easy

I say: No. Way.

Nevermind that this is one of the most meaningful (and, let’s face it, expensive) experiences of your life. And you’re just supposed to wing it?

But before I get to why you should trust your destination wedding to me, can we talk about some of the crazy expectations YOU are dealing with?

As soon as that shiny ring gets slipped on your finger, you’re expected to become this expert event planner. And if you want a destination wedding, add full-time travel agent to the list. 

What the flip? Nevermind that you’ve never done this before. Nevermind that you can barely find time to slip in an episode of “Love Is Blind” during your always-busy weeks.

If you’ve said some version of “I have NO IDEA where to start” while banging your head into your keyboard,

You've landed in the right place.

I mean that in the most loving way possible—but fielding all of the questions + travel arrangements + existential crises of guests ends up being the #1 headache for destination wedding couples. My job is to manage all of that for your loved ones … so you still actually love them by the end of your event. You’ll receive a custom wedding webpage that houses all your info and makes booking a cinch. Send your guests there. And if they still need some hand-holding, send them straight to me—I’ll guide them through everything, so you can just focus on having a good time, together. 

Get your guests in line

Think of this as your wedding vision board on steroids—or one extra large Monster Energy drink. I’ll customize a Trello Board, an online project management tool, so it acts as our “command central,” housing links to your Pinterest, my resort options for you, destination details, and more. You can log in at any time to see what I’m working on, and what comes next in the process—so you’re never left on read.  

Trello so hard

You’ve met your match … but I’m still going to play matchmaker. As a destination wedding specialist, I act as a matchmaker between people and places. Once I get to know you and your unique wedding vision, budget, travel “vibe,” and more, I tap into my deep well of resort knowledge to home in on the perfect properties for you. I’ll present 3 fantastic options, and you pick your favorite. Congratulations, you never have to watch another resort review video on Youtube again. 

Hand-picked resorts

So take a deep breath. You got this. Because you’ve got me. 

Your epic celebration deserves hyper-detailed planning, friendly expert guidance, and tailored-to-you recommendations for a destination wedding that exceeds your wildest dreams.

“Everything Allison did was so detailed and truly a labor of love and passion for wedding couples - and that made ALL of the difference!”

- Samaria C.

My 3-step planning process

We’ll first connect on a complimentary Discovery Call to do just that—I want to discover more about you both as a couple and the destination wedding you’re after. This is a friendly chat to ensure we’re the right fit for one another! If we vibe well, then I’ll send over your Design Fee and you’ll officially become a TTE client! We’ll then schedule a longer call together to go over all the nitty-gritty details, like budget, guests, time of year, etc, so I can start coming up with your resort proposal. 

Defining Your Vision


Once I have a clearer picture of the experience you’re after, I’ll pull together a customized resort proposal that features 2-3 all-inclusive resort options for you. Choose your favorite and share your feedback, and then we’ll lock it in with the resort (and if you’re not feeling any of the three, we’ll go back to the drawing board!). I’ll work directly with the resort on your group room block and contract, and then I’ll begin working with your guests to get them booked. We’ll make the process super simple with a custom wedding webpage that you can direct them to!

Arranging your experience


As your destination wedding approaches, I’ll introduce you to your on-site resort wedding coordinator—they’ll help you plan all the details of the event itself. Meanwhile, I’ll work with you and your guests to ensure all the travel arrangements are completed, including travel insurance and transfers to and from the airport. When your big trip arrives (hooray!), I’ll be available if you or your guests need any assistance with travel-related issues. 

Taking care of the details


Say “I do” to destination weddings, simplified

So, how much does it cost?

My design fee starts at $949 per wedding group and varies depending on several factors (the size of your group, etc). I’ll share your exact fee after our consultation call together!

Connect with me

Sound like your cup of tea (or iced mojito)?

Then let’s connect. We’ll hop on a complimentary consultation call to get the ball rolling—and then I’ll take it from there.

Book my call

so Let's get started

Paradise is calling

5 reasons we should design your destination wedding together

The TLDR Version

You want your work-life balance to be heavy on LIFE. And planning your own destination wedding is just more work (that you definitely don’t have time for). So hand it all off to me. 


You don’t speak “resort.” Contracts? Room blocks? Drop dates? Don’t worry if it all sounds confusing—I’ll take the lead on liasoning with your resort.


There are fifty-billion resorts out there... and you don’t know which one to pick. Okay, that number may be approximate, but the feeling is real. That’s why I’ll expertly narrow down the options for you.


You want to be good to your guests. From making their resort arrangements to assuaging their travel fears (“how do I get through the airport?!”), I’ll support them through it all. 


You want a wedding that feels like YOU. This isn’t an off-the-shelf experience. It’s a tailored one—where everything flows from how YOU yearn to celebrate. 


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