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So those are my “credentials.” 

Meet Allison Slater,

Hi, I’m Allison! And I’m here to design a destination wedding travel experience for you that feels super fun, carefree, and filled with shared moments with your favorite people that make you think: "Now that’s going into the memory hole for sure."

I’ve been traveling across the globe ever since one epic solo trip through Europe 10+ years ago, and I’ve been planning travel professionally (#dreamjob) since 2017. I make it my mission to check out destination wedding resort hotspots in person—from both coasts of Mexico to Caribbean gems like St. Lucia, and beyond—as often as possible so I can give my clients first-hand guidance. I’m a graduate of Destination Wedding University and a member of the Destination Weddings & Honeymoon Specialists Association. 

What was once a giant, messy pile of dangerously pointy objects (I hope you never step on a Lego!) is transformed. And a LOT of the work is done before I even put the first pieces together. 

I'm a total logistics nerd.

But what you really need to know is:

I’m drawn to destination wedding planning because I love organizing the chaos. And yes, a destination wedding IS chaos! When 50-60+ guests are flying into an international destination from all over the states—some of whom may have never used a passport before—it’s going to get chaotic.  

But you won’t see the chaos. Because I'll be conducting it all for you behind the scenes. 

To understand why your destination wedding will be in REALLY good hands, you need to know this: I’m a Lego obsessive. Yes, toy Legos. (When we hop on a Zoom call together, you’ll see them in the background). When I tackle a new Lego set, I take my time and am super meticulous about laying out all the pieces beforehand, organizing everything by size, shape, and color. I break the big project down into smaller, more manageable steps. 

Basically, I take all of the random little pieces and organize them into one cohesive, beautiful thing: your destination wedding.

A.k.a. The best trip, with the best people, of your life. 

As your destination wedding travel planner, I’ll take the same detail-obsessed, step-by-careful-step approach. 

Ready to #nerdout on your resort destination wedding together?

Connect with me

Then let’s kick things off with a complimentary consultation call—I can’t wait to chat about your dream destination wedding soon!

Right now it's the PAC-MAN Arcade—loads of moving parts (literally!), amazing build techniques, and a literal 'woman behind the curtain' pulling the strings ... probably not a coincidence. A close second is the Great Pyramid of Giza, reminiscent of my coolest trip ever!

Favorite Lego set:

My during-travel combo of noise-canceling headphones, Kindle Paperwhite, and a memory foam sleep mask. Can't beat it!

Favorite can't-travel-without accessory:

Secrets Moxché, Playa del Carmen

Favorite all-inclusive resort:

A few of my favorite things

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