The All-Inclusive Resort Destination Wedding Experience

Get the low-down on what to expect when you head down south to celebrate your “I Dos”—and how TTE can help you through it all. 

And that makes it the EASY choice if you want to show your guests a really good time. 

Yep, all-included means all-included.

  • No hidden fees for your guests: The room, top-shelf liquor, meals, entertainment, and more are included in the rate (sometimes even the airport transfers are included!).

  • Built-in fun: From lounging in the sprawling pools to strolling the sugar-white-sand beaches, your crew will have plenty to do without ever leaving the resort. Boogie boarding, anyone?

  • A “turn your brain off and enjoy” kind of trip: Your guests make just one payment for the entire experience—so no one has to keep track of Venmo requests for Ubers, split restaurant receipts, etc. like with a “typical” group vacation.  

  • Customizable to them: Some guests may want to spring for fancy-schmancy, and some may want to reel in the budget. That’s possible at many all-inclusives, which allow you to offer different room “categories”—from luxury on down—to your guests. 

  • Customizable to you: Let’s not forget who the whole experience is really about, shall we? All-inclusive resorts offer a slew of destination wedding event options to choose from, so you can get the big day of YOUR dreams. You’ll work directly with your on-site resort wedding coordinator to plan it all out!

Cancun or Costa Rica? St. Lucia or Cabo San Lucas? The right destination can make all the difference to your, ahem, destination wedding—so start with this (free!) guide to figure it out:

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You can invest in three hours spent over a “fancy” chicken dinner and cheesy ballroom dancing … OR: three days spent knocking back tropical cocktails at the swim-up bar, catching blazing sunsets from the rooftop veranda, hosting sandcastle contests on the beach, and wading in warm turquoise waters. And yes, all while fitting a wedding in there, too!

Not just an event. An experience.

For couples who care about actually spending quality time with their loved ones, an all-inclusive resort destination wedding just makes sense. Unlike a traditional wedding that you plan for months and is over in what seems like minutes, you get to spend several days building lifelong memories with your guests by your side. And the all-inclusive nature of the resort—where everything you all need is already on-site—fosters a sense of togetherness. 

“The whole day was so memorable. There's truly not a thing about my entire wedding experience that I would change.”

- Samaria C.

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It’s just one big, nonstop party in paradise with all your favorite people—and it’s your party. 

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