Samaria and Christian went on a simple vacation to Mexico, and immediately fell in love with Secrets Moxche Playa del Carmen!

And seriously, what’s not to love about this resort!? Of course they fell in love with it!

recent picture of Secrets Moxche Playa Del Carmen

Secrets Moxche Playa del Carmen is a STUNNING, pretty-new property in the hottest area of Mexico right now. It provides a modern, sexy vibe with unique decor, sleek furniture, and stunning views, pools, and amenities around every corner!

Just next door to Impressions Moxche by Secrets, there are SO many things to do, eat, and experience at this adults-only, all-inclusive property. The romantic atmosphere is accentuated by gourmet room service, luxury amenities, unlimited dining and drinks, rooftop pools, and a serene full-service spa and salon.

The preferred club provides even more, if that’s possible! (It is.. Just wait for it) 

In addition to personalized check-in and out services, a special continental breakfast, top-shelf liquors, and exquisite desserts in the preferred club lounge and bar, a preferred club room also comes with added amenities and privileges! A preferred room location (goodbye, long hikes to dinner!), upgraded in-room amenities, a dedicated concierge, and access to exclusive dining, and.. The rooftop infinity pool, bar, and restaurant.

While I haven’t personally visited Impressions by Moxche (an even newer property) – my travel agent friends who have told me that (in their opinions, of course) Secrets Moxche PdC’s preferred club rooms and experiences are preferable to Impressions Moxche by Secrets. If that gives you any idea of the level of luxury you’ll experience at this GORGEOUS, sleek new property!

Destination Wedding Fears: Conquered!

When Samaria and Christian approached me (Allison, owner of Tailored Travel Experiences), they were in serious need of some travel coordination for their group. Their biggest fear about planning a destination wedding was just trying to coordinate all the travel and expenses of their friends and family they’d invited to attend their wedding in Mexico. 

I was so happy to be able to help them lock in the details of their wedding day, which turned out absolutely PERFECTLY!!  But along the way, they learned a lesson worth sharing:

“My best piece of advice would be to always do what it is that you as the wedding couple want to do. Don’t let the pressures of others change anything that you both want for your special day.” 

Throughout our time working together to create their dream destination wedding, I was able to help their friends and family members book rooms inside of our contracted room block, providing their guests ample time to decide if they could come, save some money, and make a deposit on a room whose price we’d locked in weeks earlier.

Destination Wedding Guests: Stress-free travel!

As I do with all my wedding groups, I provided them with all the information they needed to book their flights to the correct airport (Cancun, in this situation), purchase travel insurance if they chose (something I always recommend*), and have all the information they needed to travel safely and efficiently to Mexico!  I also collected each individual’s flight information and provided them with round-trip ground transportation (transfers) between the airport and resort. Their wedding guests never had to lift a finger, or worry about those pesky time share salesmen at the airport.*

Samaria told me that her guests were (and are still! 🙂 ), “extremely pleased with how smooth and nice their travel and stay went.” which makes my heart oh-so happy!

I LIVE for logistics, and I simply adore providing travelers all the information they’ll ever need to make the trip out to your destination wedding (and then some) – so everyone feels fully informed, in control, and confident in their ability to safely and efficiently travel to your chosen destination for your big day!  I was SO glad to hear that Samaria’s guests appreciated the documents, itinerary app, and helpful information I provided for them.

When asked, “In what ways did Tailored Travel Experiences make your wedding planning / travel experience less stressful for you?”  this gem of a bride kindly said,

“In what ways didn’t Tailored Travel Experiences make my wedding planning less stressful!? 🙂 Everything was so detailed, and truly a labor of love and passion for wedding couples – and that made ALL of the difference!”

Destination Wedding Photos at Secrets Moxche Playa Del Carmen

I am so grateful to these two lovebirds for placing their trust in me. Their group was a blast to work with, and their gorgeous pictures gave us all a peak into their incredible destination wedding at Secrets Moxche Playa del Carmen.

Wedding Photo Credit: Eduardo Paralizábal


Instagram: @eparalizabal

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