Travel Insurance is an often-overlooked but always-prudent tool that you can use to protect yourself and your investment in travel. 

While the purchase of travel protection is not required when working with Tailored Travel Experiences, I (Allison Slater – destination wedding expert and owner) can’t recommend it strongly enough!!

What is travel insurance or travel protection?

In short, travel insurance protects you from the unexpected.

Sometimes the unexpected looks like an injury, family emergency, or just the requirement to show up to work when you didn’t think you’d have to.

This infographic from Travel Insured explains it in even more detail:

Why should I purchase travel insurance?

I’ll spare you some of the horror stories I’ve heard about people traveling without insurance and then spending thousands of dollars to correct a mistake, cancel a reservation, or to deal with a medical situation that they didn’t expect to happen… and who ever expects a medical situation to arise on vacation, really?

From trip cancellations to medical evacuations, baggage insurance, cancel for any reason travel insurance policies, and more – I’ve got your back! Travel Insured is my favorite travel protection company to use for my honeymooners and destination wedding couples and guests’ trips!

Learn about Travel Insured's travel insurance and why you should consider purchasing travel insurance for your upcoming destination wedding trip.

Ready to purchase travel protection?

Great! If you’ve decided you’d like to purchase an insurance policy, you can get a quote and compare different plans by clicking here.

Booking a room for a destination wedding and have questions?

I’m always happy to help! Just fill out my contact form with any questions you might have, or send me an email at: – I’ll be happy to help however I can!

Just keep in mind that official insurance policies often require that insurance-specific questions go through the insurance company themselves. So if I am unable to answer your question, I’ve got a guy for that, and I’ll hook you up with the answers!

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